Outgoing inventory of fixtures


The mission of the Expert at the time of the rental exit includes two absolutely indissociable essential phases.

1 To note the materiality of the facts

The Expert proceeds to a detailed visit of the places and raises all the damage and/or failures ascribable to the tenant. It is based on the contents of documents handed to him and mainly on the contents of the entering inventory of fixtures.

2° To fix the allowance, if necessary, due by the tenant to the owner.

The Expert carries out the evaluation of the allowance due by the tenant after having fixed the materiality of the facts. The evaluation of the damage is done by holding in particular account of:

  • the legislation in progress, jurisprudence and uses on the matter;
  • the state of the good before the taking possession;
  • duration of occupation;
  • general characteristics of the decorations and equipment of the premises;
  • prices usually practised in the construction industry.


The responsibilities for the tenant regarding the damage to the rented premises, can be summarized as follows:

  1. the tenant is held to use the premises as a good pater familias, i.e. to withdraw from it the utility which it comprises with the care that a conscientious individual brings to the management of his own goods.
  2. If there is normal use of the premises, the tenant is not responsible
  3. In case of a lack of its share, the tenant is responsible. For example of the damage caused.
    1. with joineries of a house;
    2. with the windowsills;
    3. with the floors and floor coverings;
    4. with the mural coatings, like claws, blows, cramps.
  4. Except decrepitude or cause beyond control, the tenant must answer for the hiring breakdown services or the maintenance and especially the normal use of the premises The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the rented premises, he has to carry out the breakdown services which assimilate themselves with a small maintenance. For example replacing of broken switches, the joints of taps, the connections of WC's, the broken oars of role shutters, the bulbs, broken panes, the maintenance of the boiler, of the water heater, the chimney sweep, maintenance of the garden...