Entering inventory of fixtures

It is the report, drawn up at the beginning of the rent, in the goal to define, in progress or at the end of the rent, the nature and the importance of the damage and/or failures possibly ascribable to the tenant.


The Expert in charge of this report of entering inventory of fixtures compiles a document entitled:

  • "Process verbal of entering inventory of fixtures".

This document, is drawn up so that it can serve the parties validly and must comprise necessarily various chapters and be established according to a particular working method, which only can guarantee a serious result which is adapted to the circumstances.

The entering inventory of fixtures must be conform to several requirements:

  • It must be detailed, indeed each part must be able to check the situation on the basis of the description of the hired locations, which is specified and concrete. It thus comprises a broad descriptive share and the inventory, the presence, the localization, the nature and the quality of materials, decorations and equipment. It mentions the state of the things and existing degradations. The disorders, for which the tenant can never be held responsible, should however not be mentioned such as for example the defects of constructive nature.
  • It must be contradictory
    1. The Expert intervenes for the two parties;
    2. Each party is represented by its own expert.
  • It must be drawn up when the premises are unoccupied:
    1. either during the first month of occupation when the duration of the lease is equal or higher than one year.
    2. or during the first fifteen days of occupation when the duration of the lease is lower than one year.

If important modifications were made to the rented premises, after this entering inventory of fixtures was established, each part can require an endorsement at the entering inventory of fixtures which should be contradictorily and with common expenses.

We always invite the parties to take the precaution to take down or confirm their telephone calls, visits or meetings in writing.

The tenant is held to use the premises as a good pater familias and keep it in the state he received it and to maintain it in accordance with the uses and the destination of the premises. These notions are developed in the card devoted to the outgoing inventory of fixtures.

The entering inventory of fixtures incontestably constitutes the background document at the time of the rental exit.